The world’s first virtual event on how artificial intelligence and intelligent automation is revolutionizing business

The artificial intelligence revolution has begun upending every sector of the economy. It promises huge opportunities to businesses that invest early while others could get left behind. But what does it mean for your industry? And how can you stay ahead of the curve?

AI LIVE will bring together established industry experts, global thought leaders and senior executives from the world’s leading intelligent businesses for one-day only on Thursday, 25 January 2018 to help you bridge the gap between understanding the innovation challenges facing your organizations at this pivotal time… and conquering them.

Experience cutting-edge hours of seminars, workshops, presentations and networking in our state-of-the-art virtual conference hall. Interact with fellow attendees, chat to presenters and visit stands to take home valuable resources.

From responsible robotics to AI-generated content, the thought-provoking sessions at AI LIVE will focus on innovative solutions for your business and reveal best practice insights for successful automation and AI adoption.

Brought to you by the Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation Network, AI LIVE promises to be a goldmine of intelligent insights for businesses ready to embrace the AI revolution.

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Thursday 25th January, 2018

Intelligent enterprise 2018

Despite early wins, there is still no one clear path when it comes to making an enterprise business case for AI and automation investment—or return. In this stream we answer: What is the potential for AI in enterprise in 2018? How can you measure automation ROI? And why is AI now a critical tool in your intelligent enterprise strategy?

10:00 AM GMT

Opening Keynote: A balance of intelligence, machine and human for the future workplace

Yuval Dvir Yuval Dvir Head of EMEA Online Partnerships, Google

What will it take to ensure AI is transparent and democratic? How can you bring machine learning and artificial intelligence to your people? In this session, Google’s Yuval Dvir will explore the opportunities that machine learning and cloud services are enabling, along with the benefits and drawbacks of personalization through digital transformation.

10:40 AM GMT

Understanding AI ROI

Jonathan Hobday Jonathan Hobday Sales Director, Cortex

How do you calculate the return on investment when it comes to AI and intelligent automation? And what sort of benchmarks should you be setting? Understanding the value of intelligence in enterprise requires a combination of new and traditional methods to set tangible and measurable targets for success.

11:10 AM GMT

AI and automation for smarter enterprise

Terry Walby Terry Walby Thoughtonomy

Despite the fear that robots will replace us all, there is great potential for intelligent automation and AI to improve workplace productivity resulting in smarter ways of working. This session will reveal the best tools on the market harnessing the power of AI to improve organizational output.

11:45 AM GMT

Making a strategic case for AI

Rob McCargow Rob McCargow Programme Leader – Artificial Intelligence, PwC

AI has become somewhat synonymous with automation—but in 2018 that’s set to change. How is AI augmenting enterprise strategy? What is the real-world potential of AI as a tool separate from automation? Which are the brands to watch in this space for 2018?

12:20 PM GMT

Open networking session

Opportunity for attendees to real-time network, visit our virtual exhibition hall, view live demonstrations and collect industry content such as case studies & whitepapers.

The AI-CX revolution

With customers increasingly driving demand when it comes to innovation and technology, the customer experience market is ripe for even further AI uptake in 2018. What technologies will be critical to tomorrow’s leading brands? And how can your organization leverage AI to improve customer engagement?

1:00 PM GMT

Cashing in on computational creativity

Gennady Volchek Tom Ollerton innovation director, We Are Social

How can brands use AI to produce better and quicker content and creative—and engage customers? Drawing on examples from leading global organizations, Tom will delve deep into the world of AI-driven creativity.

1:45 PM GMT

Exploring AR and VR: Use cases from the healthcare industry

Dr Mazin Gadir Dr Mazin Gadir Senior Specialist – The Executive Office for Organizational Transformation, Dubai Health Authority

How can you take AR and VR transformation from theory to practice? In this session, Dr Gadir looks at examples from a range of industries, including healthcare, to consider: governance and legal frameworks for VR & AR in healthcare; and success stories and lessons for other industries.

2:30 PM GMT

Combining AI and RPA: Robotics 2.0 at Siemens

Tobias Sebastian Unger Tobias Sebastian Unger Head of Innovation, Digitalization & Benchmarking, Siemens Shared Services

- ERP to AI: Converging technologies to leverage smart automation potential
- Driving innovation and automation on 3 levels
- Utilising machine learning and cognitive automation: Incorporating unstructured, volatile data and judgement based process
- Use cases within Siemens
- Perception, Cognition and Answers: Machine Learning and the multi-channel cognitive agent

3:10 PM GMT

Open networking session

Opportunity for attendees to real-time network, visit our virtual exhibition hall, view live demonstrations and collect industry content such as case studies & whitepapers.

AI ethics, governance and regulation

Set to dominate the global AI-agenda throughout 2018 are the questions of ethics, morals and bias when it comes to developing and implementing artificial intelligence. What questions should your business be asking before you begin? And who can you look to for best practice examples?

3:30 PM GMT

Understanding the implications of AI beyond 2020

Aric Dromi Aric Dromi global futurologist & professional troublemaker

What makes us humans in a reality when algorithms define our cognitive interactions? In a world driven by technological development, screens, social media and content, we apply the narrative of intelligence simply by copying our own existence. Aric explores the impact of these technologies on our ethics, morality, trust and education.

4:10 PM GMT

Adopting strategic process automation

Nick Andrews Nick Andrews Virtual Operations

In a confusing market full of new technology products and inexperienced practitioners, it’s important to have a clear strategy, a structured approach and good support to ensure business as usual continues as the automation project is delivered.

4:40 PM GMT

Artificial intelligence: Neutralizing or exacerbating human bias?

Zoe Stanley-Lockman Zoe Stanley-Lockman Former Associate Fellow, European Union Institute for Security Studies

In either supplementing or supplanting human roles, there is a significant risk in intelligent enterprise becoming discriminatory enterprise. By examining the current status of algorithmic bias, the session will reveal whether AI can correct human prejudice or if it will compound it.

5:20 PM GMT

Open networking session

Opportunity for attendees to real-time network, visit our virtual exhibition hall, view live demonstrations and collect industry content such as case studies & whitepapers.

Big data, big ideas

Despite years of big data overhype, machine learning, intelligent automation and AI are now offering the potential to harness prolific amounts of data and apply them to real-world solutions for improved outcomes. Participants will discover exactly which trends and technologies will lead the way in 2018.

5:40 PM GMT

Delving into Dark Data: Embracing cognitive automation to bring structure to your unstructured data

Manish Rai Manish Rai VP of Product Marketing, Automation Anywhere

The ease of use and rapid ROI have made RPA a cornerstone of digital transformation. However, 80% of enterprise data is “Dark Data” –information that is difficult to extract using RPA alone. Cognitive platforms can bring structure to unstructured data but are hampered by high costs and long deployment cycles. Learn how purpose-built cognitive automation solutions can bridge this vast RPA and cognitive platform divide.

6:15 PM GMT

Blockchain: How smart companies are engaging their customers

Gennady Volchek Gennady Volchek CEO, Shping

How does blockchain and cryptocurrency facilitate consumer engagement and enable protection, traceability and security? Learn how Shping connects trusted data sources with industry standards, marketing and the blockchain to help consumers make smarter, safer buying decisions and gain a glimpse into the company's game-changing vision for the future.

6:45 PM GMT

Drones: Unleashing AI in Unexpected Places

Yvonne Wassenaar Yvonne Wassenaar CEO, Airware

Historically industries such as mining have been left out of the digitization era; but that will no longer be the case. Drones are allowing us to "digitize dirt" and enable physically focused industries such as mining and construction to take advantage of AI in new and interesting ways.

7:15 PM GMT

Open networking session

Opportunity for attendees to real-time network, visit our virtual exhibition hall, view live demonstrations and collect industry content such as case studies & whitepapers.

The workforce of the future

What will the workforce of the future look like? How will humans and robots work together? And who is responsible for regulating AI in the workplace?

8:00 PM GMT

Responsible robotics in industry: Friend or foe?

Aimee van Wynsberghe Aimee van Wynsberghe Co-director, Foundation for Responsible Robotics, Assistant Professor TU Delft

Academics, industry, and media alike discuss the need for standards, policy, and regulation in robotics—but will such regulation be welcomed or seen as a hindrance to innovation? More importantly what will this regulation look like and who will it protect?

8:40 PM GMT

Harnessing the power of strategic AI to transform your enterprise

Sudhir Jha Sudhir Jha SVP & Global Head of Product Management & Strategy, Infosys
Kallol Dutta Kallol Dutta GM Delivery and Automation, Spark Platforms, Telecom New Zealand

Using data from their global AI survey, completed last month, Edgeverve along with one of their top clients talk about how smart companies are augmenting their basic automation with revolutionary AI. Using real-world examples they explore projects and business units where AI can and has made a real practical difference, helping you re-think your future operational strategy.

9:20 PM GMT

Closing Keynote: Augmented intelligence—imagining the workforce of the future

Dennis Mortensen Dennis Mortensen ceo and founder,

We are living through a transformation in enterprise intelligence—what does the future hold? How can you harness AI for maximum output and productivity? And how can you truly embrace AI to augment—not replace—your human workforce?

10:00 PM GMT

Close of AI LIVE: The Future of Enterprise

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